Examples of delivered software intensive customer services

  • Project management, part time e.g. 3 days per month.
  • Funding application assessment
  • Preparation of project plan and funding application
  • Bimonthly reports, Form C, quarter reports
  • Writing project documentation and deliverables

Research project life cycle

Services can be adapted to various phases of the project lifecycle .e.g preparation of the project and funding application, partner search, daily project practices or documentation so that your company can concentrate on its core business.

Consultancy and research

Within my expertise is consultancy, trainings and research. Work can either be a part of the international project or a separate contract.

Preparations for funding

Funding application forms can be tricky. How do you assess the European wide impact of your project. I can help your company in project planning and building consortium architecture.

Project management

Project management and daily project work including communication, coordination and work package leaderships. I often represent customer companies in consortium and plenary meetings all over the Europe.